Saturday, July 25, 2009

Queen of the Night

The night blooming jasmine is full of greenish white blossoms which open in the night and waft their strong scent across. This shrub is leanining from my neighbour's garden into mine. The strong perfume gives me an equally strong headache. Luckily my bedroom is on the far side of the house and so I can sleep peacefully. Curiously enough, the strong perfume stops emanating at day break, although the flowers are still open. It is as though the flowers have stoppered their scent bottles at once!
Fortunately for me, this monsoons the abundant flowers have not opened their perfume sachets even in the night because of the unusually dry weather.


  1. I've never smelled this type of Jasmine, too bad it's so powerful. It can be frustrating when a neighbor's plants interfere with your yard/well being. Hopefully if it does bloom it won't be as strong as usual.

  2. Catherine: the night jasmine is blooming profusely now, but there is no perfume at all! Perhaps it is also waiting for the rain.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful blog which I found when leaving a comment on another! I can almost smell the jasmine! I will visit often.

  4. The night jasmin is said to attract snakes. So we got ours removed this summer. Well to tell u the truth it did not stop Mr.snake from visiting!

  5. Hi Rekha,

    Probably you are right about Mr. Snake. But I have heard of a kind of plant which helps repel snakes. I had come across this plant (Was it how-halli sappu ??) in of the nurseries on sarjapura road,blore. Normally this plant is used as a accompanying plant along with night jasmine. Incidentally i have recentaly planted a night jasmine in my garden. Hope this helps.


  6. Hello lotusleaf,

    it is a wonderful site, with lot of information and beautiful pictures, will visit the site again!!