Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden of Eden

The back of my garden looks lush and tropical even though the monsoons have failed and we are facing a severe drought.Beyond the wall of granite slabs in an empty lot where there are wild plants and creatures. A few weeks ago, I was pottering around here when a big snake entered through a gap between the slabs. After a chilling eye contact lasting an interminable nano second when both the snake and I froze, the same thought struck us both-danger! Both of us took to our heels; at least I ran for my life while the snake slithered away in the opposite direction at top speed.


  1. Some nurseries in Bangalore have a plant with a peculiar smell (I forget its botanical name) which is supposed to deter the snake. Maybe, you should grow a few of those in your garden unless you want to keep practising for the next Olympics sprint!

  2. I know which plant you mean. I'll get it though it smells horrible.What is a smell compared to life or limb!