Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wild flowers in and around my garden

The Devil's Claw has a pretty flower, but a claw-like fruit.
Love -in the- Mist is a naturalized passion flower, which is called Jhumka in Hindi because of its fruit which resembles the ear ornaments worn by women. Insects get trapped in the filigree-like bracts of the flower, but it is not known whether the flower is carnivorous.The marble sized orange fruits festooning the plant that supports them are pretty and are edible. The plant is used in alternate medicine for diarrhea.


  1. What beautiful wildflowers you have there! I just love the Passion flower.

  2. The wild passion flower is a real femme (or should it be homme) fatale, eh?

  3. Passion flowers are always attractive, whether wild or tame!