Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This ia a moth orchid on which I lavish love and care. I feed it fresh coconut water once a week, and it gave me this beautiful flower after 8 months. My brother -in-law has an orchid which he neglects completely. That gives him much larger blooms twice a year. Such is life!


  1. Maybe this is a variety which thrives on neglect!? LOL!!

  2. Vahini,
    thanks for awakening us to some value stuff in life (like my great Bruda Sir MRV was fond of saying he exposed the Sri.MVS family to sunlight!).
    this "Blog" stuff is amazing and I didnt know it helps build a conversation even between unknowns.
    Reg the Orchid, u haven't been too kind to me- neglect I agree tho it was due to one's inability to convert desires/ indtentions of having a garden like yours into rreality.

  3. Madam,
    'Such is Life' What a beautiful observation, though perhaps trying to disguise the underlying resentment a bit. In a way nature is trying to teach us to, not to expect the equal and opposite amount of result for the labour we put in.

  4. It is a very beautiful flower,
    and elegant color.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.