Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garden bounty

The custard apples have started ripening in my garden, but the squirrels beat me to it. They get the best ones. I love this fruit although it is full of seeds- it has a special delicate floavour. The seeds can be powedered and used as a bio pesticide for aphids. The leaves are also used for repelling unwanted pests.
After the squirrels have had their fill, birds come and polish off the rest of the fruit.


  1. I've never heard of these before but they sound delicious. Those squirrels are everywhere trying to sneak the fruit before we can get it :)

  2. Catherine, is chipmunk another name for a squirrel?

  3. We call those fruit sugar apples. They are delicious. We seldom see them nowadays. I bought a couple a few months ago. I should really get a tree for my orchard.

  4. Oh!! such a lovely post. Thanks for the valuable info on bio pesticide for aphids.