Friday, September 4, 2009

Festival Flowers for Floral Friday

Yesterday, the people of Kerala, the state next to ours, celebrated Onam, the festival of flowers. They make flower carpets at the entrances of their homes to welcome their legendary king Mahabali, who , they believe, visits them every year on this day, from his abode in the
nether worlds. These floral carpets were made by the tiny tots in the Kindergarten section of my school.They have used rose petals, chrysanthemum and leaves to make this floral carpet.

Rose, marigold, dahlia and leaves are used here.

Chrysanthemum and rose petals have been used in this spiral design.

The children enjoyed making these floral patterns on the floor and dancing the traditional Kerala boat dance.


  1. Talented tiny tots! All the arrangements are so beautiful. My favourite is the spiral design.

  2. Very pretty and how interesting. Never heard of Onam before. From what I have seen of Kerala in photos it is very beautiful.

  3. Kanak, I thought the spiral design interesting too.
    Islandgal, all the people of Kerala celebrate Onam, whether they are Hindu, Christian or Muslim.

  4. King Mahabali must be pretty special.
    Beautiful flower designs.
    There seems to be a number of ways to welcome visitors/family to your home in the India culture. Taking from the old and keeping in our new life style is very heart warming.

  5. Would these lovely motifs be called 'kolam'? I love the bright colours and the children must have enjoyed making them.