Friday, October 23, 2009

Blooming Friday

This lily was blooming in my friend Anjali's garden. She had brought it to show it to her class.
The roses do well in autumn and winter here. There are roses in all gardens now.

THe ground orchid has started flowering. The purple variety is also pretty.

The Barlerias have come into their own now. They are seen in all colours from violet to white. The yellow ones are the wild ones.


  1. Hi Lotusleaf, the roses are so, so beautiful and that orchid is stunning growing in that garden, how come? here in Chile you need to have a very special environment for them, otherwise they don´t grow... do you have lots of humidity over there??
    Maria Cecilia

  2. I find orchids really special because I have never got around to growing them. The lily and the roses are beautiful.

  3. So pretty!! I love the roses, they seem to do pretty well through most of fall here too.

  4. Hi Maria Cecilia! The ground orchids don't need so much care.
    Urban Green, You should try the ground orchids. They are easy to grow.
    Hi Catherine! The roses will continue through winter here, as our winters are very, very mild.

  5. Gorgeous color in your gardens!

  6. I just love to come here and see what blooming in your garden/area. The roses....!! So beautiful! The other blooms are gorgeous too. Are the Barlerias easy to grow?

  7. Darla, welcome to my site and thanks.
    Kanak, Barlerias are very easy to grow. There are many colours too.

  8. Hi Aunty,
    My name is Jibi, Manish's friend at IIT B. Very happy to see your beautiful garden. Do you have lotus in your garden. if yes pls. add few pictures, and tips to grow them. Recently we purchased a lotus plant and have planted in a basin similar to what is seen in your site (Lotus leaf)