Monday, October 12, 2009

Flame Coloured Wild Flowers

Now that the cold is setting in, it is a welcome sight to see flowers with the colours of campfire. This wayside flower resembles the Shrimp plant.
The lantana comes in lovely combination of colours

The Fire Bush, Woodfordia fruticosa is common in the forests of the Western Ghats.

Butterflies flock to the Blood Flower, Asclepia currasavica.


  1. What is the botanical name of the wayside flower in the top photo ? It is very unusual.

  2. Lovely blooms, that top one looks like some type of Justica. I am waiting for it to cool down somewhat before I go traipsing off around the island.

  3. The colours of campfire....I love that!! all the blooms are so pretty. My favourite is the Blood Flower with its intense hues!

  4. Hi Ian! The botanical name of that flower is Beloperone guttata. It belongs to the Acanthaceae family. Yes, the colouring is very unusual.
    Hi Green! Yes, blessings indeed.
    Islandgal, I would love to see your posts when you go rambling in your island.
    Kanak, my favourite is also the Blood Flower. It has the added qualification of attracting butterflies.

  5. The Beloperone guttata that you found by the wayside is very different from the cultivated shrimp plant. The leaves are unusual, too.

  6. What a good description of the colors! The red and yellows are such a pretty combination.

  7. Fire Bush and Blood Flower such great names! I love them both... and how the veins in the leaves of Fire Bush mirror the stems. Blood Flower is kin to our Milkweed of course. Lovely flowers! Carol

  8. Catherine, thank you.
    Carol, the Fire bush is much prettier than my photo which does not do it justice.

  9. Love the wildflowers. You caught some great photo shots of these.

    Goldenray Yorkies