Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lemon, the Old Favourite

No other fruit of India is as well known as the lemon, Citrus limon. Even the mango pales before it in the praises it has received. In the 5th century B.C., the Greek philosopher Theophrastus declared that the lemon was an antidote to poinoning. If you cut a lemon , the whole room smells delightful for hours. No wonder the peel of the lemon is used in making perfumes. The lemon was used to prevent scurvy among sailors in the 16th century, as the fruit is rich in vitamin C. The lemon and its leaves are used in Ayurveda, the Indian medicine system.
My lemon tree which used to give me hundreds of fruit is now attacked by stem- borers. Being an organic gardener, I tried plugging the holes with garlic , but to no avail.


  1. That's interesting, I hope your lemon tree will recover.

  2. Your lemon tree does look "out of sorts" with so few leaves. You can try spraying it with tobacco decoction made by boiling tobacco in water (5% solution) which is effective against certain types of borers.

  3. Katarina, I hope so too.
    Shailaja, thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Hundreds of fruit! I hope Shailaja's suggestion works for you. I haven't used the tobacco remedy but I've heard other gardeners talk about how effective that can be.

  5. Hi
    Hope your lemon tree survives the attack.
    Reminds me of the golden oldie- ' Lemon tree very pretty, and the flower is so sweet, but the fruit of the lemon is a thing one cannot eat..."

  6. Sorry to hear about your poor lemon tree. I agree that just the scent of lemon is beautiful let alone how good it tastes in dishes. I have a little Meyer lemon tree, I'm hoping to overwinter it.

  7. Hello Lotusleaf, there´s has been a while since I was here in your beautiful blog for the last time... your posts are all so, so beautiful... here in Chile my lemon trees are in the flower "azahar" phase, smelling so good!!
    muchos cariños
    maría cecilia

  8. Kanak: I am going to give it the tobacco treatment today.
    Manisha:I remember that song.
    Catherine: You must be taking care to mulch your lemon tree. Hope it survives your winter and gives you lots of fruit.
    Hello Maria Cecilia!I can imagine the perfume of lemon flowers in your garden!