Monday, October 26, 2009

Yesterday- Today- Flowers

Some of the flowers change colour in the course of the day, like this Rose of Sharon, which turns pink in the evening from its original white.The picture below shows its colour when it opened in the morning.
The Blue Boy, Thunbergia battiscombe in my garden has suddenly started sporting blue striped white flowers from one branch. Probably a throwback to its ancestor.

The Potato Tree, Solanum macranthum is planted as a roadside tree in many parts of the city. It is fascinating to see different coloured flowers on the same branch.

The Golden Chalice Vine, Solandra maxima which was full of flowers all these months, has decided to pack up for the year. These, I think are the last flowers of the season which lasts more than 8 months. The white flower is the new one, which turns yellow the next day.


  1. Aging beautifully.....the flowers seem to have their own beauty secrets!

  2. A very nice post! I would like to add two more to the list:- The first one is itself known as Yesterday,today and tomorrow or Brunfelsia Pauciflora with flowers starting as purple then turning to pale lavender and finally white. The second one is Rangoon creeper- the flowers are white when they bloom at night and turn pink the next morning and finally turn deep red in the evening before shedding. Like Shailja has already said, this is what aging beautifully is all about!!

  3. Lovely post! I agree with Shailaja and Green Thumb. The todays and tomorrows have been beautifully captured in your images. Spectacular blooms...all of them.

  4. Thank you , Shailaja, Green Thumb and Kanak, for your encouraging comments. GT, I have never been able to grow a Brunfelsia, the original Yesterday-today-tomorrow plant. The Rangoon creeper also has beautiful flowers of different hues.

  5. beautiful!sharon rose is very pretty.Are we also going to age beautifully? i wish we could

  6. Hi Lotusleaf
    Lovely pictures! My Golden Chalice gave up on me. Do they grow from cuttings?

  7. Lovely pics. I have some Rose of Sharon I grew from seeds this year but they haven't loomed yet. My Golden Chalice vine has also never bloomed yet. Yes, they grow from cuttings.

  8. Vasanta, I hope that we too will age beautifully.
    Manisha, yes, they grow from cuttings.
    Nicole, welcome and thanks for taking the time to comment. I did not know that the rose of Sharon could be grown from cuttings.