Thursday, January 21, 2010

Butterflies in Spring

I wonder why butterflies are given such prosaic names. They are usually named after animals or birds, or even flowers. The Common Crow is seen everywhere now.
I caught this Dark Blue Tiger when he was feasting on the Buddleja.

Same fellow when he came back for more.
Common Jays , Lemons and Crimson Rose are seen flying high in my garden. I have not been successful in catching them in the camera.


  1. Common to you...not to me. Beautiful.
    No clue what Lemons and Crimson Roses are...must look them up.

  2. I find it really hard to take photos of butterflies. They fly away just when I want to get a good picture. Yours are lovely

  3. Beautiful photos of your Dark Blue Tiger! You sure have been successful now! ;>)

  4. Patsi:Thanks for stopping by and writing a comment.
    Ian:Thanks , Ian. I have become dark, chasing the butterflies in the sun!
    Carol: Sometimes, the butterflies take pity on me and linger so that I can get a shot!

  5. The common names are much easier to remember than the Latin. Many of ours have descriptive names such as the various Swallowtails. Gulf Fritillaries get their name from being similar to the real fritiallaries. Sulphurs are yellow. My fav is the elusive Dogface, whose edges look somewhat like the silhouette of a poodle.

    Your butterflies are beautiful. It takes incredible patience to photograph them.

  6. That's a beautiful butterfly. I like the blue dots on its wings and body. Most of the time, the butterflies are too fast for me.

  7. What a lovely garden! I can´t even imagine living in a place like that

  8. Nell Jean, You are right. It is easy to remember the common names.
    Autumn Belle, they are too fast for me too, most of the time
    Elisa Day, Thank you and welcome to my garden. Please visit again..

  9. Lovely pictures of the butterflies. We have a few pretty varieties in my area, my favourites are the 'black and blue' ones. I'm just not savvy enough to know all of their names :D