Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moon Beans

French beans are also called 'Moon beans ' and 'One month beans' here. The name is apt because it takes exactly one month from the day you plant the seeds to the day you harvest the green beans. I plant beans every fortnight so that I always have a supply of the tender green beans.The plants you see in the picture are in the flowering stage.
The beans are cut and boiled in salt water and tossed in butter . Fresh coriander leaves and fresh grated coconut is sprinkled on top to make a tasty dish.
Beans contain iodine which is good for growth and for the brain.They also contain plenty of fibre.


  1. Your 'one-month' beans are just wonderful!

  2. I've been gone and seems like I've missed lots of interesting things happening here. The beautiful owl and all of your pretty flowers! Glad I got to see them all!

  3. Welcome back, Catherine.Hope your garden is waking up:)

  4. The natural blessing is wonderful.