Monday, January 11, 2010

Chess Flowers

The game of chess originated in India in the distant past. Although modern chess has changed a lot, it is also a game of war, like the ancient version. In the ancient version, the rook was called the' elephant', the knight- 'horse', the bishop 'camel, and the pawns 'foot soldiers'.The king was of course the 'Maharaja', and the Queen was 'Prime minister'. Below are the pictures of some of the flowers which have associations with the game of chess.
The Bishop's Cloak Magaskepasma erythrochalmis has started putting out its deep pink flower bracts. They resemble the red ginger from a distance.

The Queen's Tears, Russelia equisetiformis has attractive tubular flowers and needle like leaves. It also comes in pale yellow and white.

The Cup of Gold, Solandra grandiflora has started flowering after a winter rest.

The Maharaja's Plume, Alpinia purpurata has not stopped flowering. Don't the flowers look a bit like the Bishop's Cloak?


  1. These flowers are beautiful. Do you grow them in your garden from seeds?

  2. Gururaj: Yes, they all grow in my garden, but not from seeds.

  3. I don't understand chess much but I can say your Bishop, Queen, Golden Chalice and Maharaja are all winners!

  4. You have the most beautiful tropical flowers! Love the ginger and Cup of Gold!!!

  5. How cool, Lotusleaf! I didn't know that chess began in India. It is like war, and we complain about violent video games! Love your flower tie in, very clever! :-)

  6. Shailaja:The ginger is from a friend's garden.
    Floridagirl: Welcome and thanks.
    Frances: Human nature hasn't changed, has it?

  7. Hi,
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