Monday, January 4, 2010

Eyes Bright

This moth with its bright eye like markings was resting on my bathroom window yesterday. The markings which resemble eyes , frighten away the predators. The moth is big, the size of my open hand, and its larvae feed on plants. It is sometimes called the Brahmin Moth.
The bright flowers of the Bignonia venusta have started blooming on my lemon tree. The vine belongs to my neighbour, but it prefers to climb on to the lemon tree and cover it with flowers.

The American Elder has again started flowering, but as usual, there are no pollinators for the flowers. No Elderberry wine for me!The wine is supposed to be good for the eyes.

The butterfly Lemon Pansy also has markings resembling eyes on its wings.


  1. Lovely pictures! Happy New Year.

  2. Never mind the elderberry wine, the flowers are good enough for the eyes! They look like a piece of beautiful lace.

  3. That American Elder is superb, like Shailaja said they are good enough for the eyes and they do resemble lace....Guipure lace comes to mind. The butterfly at the bottom look like what we call a Buckeye.

  4. That first moth is almost like an optical illusion, really neat looking!
    As usual you have such pretty flowers blooming there.

  5. The moth is spectacular!! Love your blooms, the American Elder especially.

    Have a great week!

  6. Hi Lotus, what a cheering sight! The moths are wonderful reminders of summers to come. We have found the elderberries produce more berries with more than one plant in the garden. The Sambucus 'Black Lace' was added to our large S. 'Aurea' growing area and the berries production went up for both. Don't know if that will work for you. Of course, the birds love and eat every single berry so no wine, but that is okay. May you and yours have the best year ever in 2010! :-)

  7. Charlotte, thanks for your comment.
    Shailaja, yes, the flowers look like delicate lace.
    Islandgal, is the buckeye same colour as the lemon pansy?
    Catherine, the moth gave me a fright when I saw it suddenly in the bathroom, with its huge 'eyes'.
    Thank you , Kanak.
    Frances, thanks for the information and advice. I'll plant one more elderberry and see if something happens.

  8. Nice flowers :) Aren't you worried the vine will strangle your lemon tree?