Monday, November 15, 2010

Gardenblogger's Bloom Day November 2010

Pelargoniums have such cheerful colours. These were bought recently, and I don't know if they will last in the rain.
This vinca is pretty rose red.

My faithful plumbago is bringing out its sky blue flowers. This is a very easy plant to grow. When it has finished blooming, I cut it down very short, and feed it with cow manure and water. It flowers throughout the year.

The Crinum lily is also non- fussy. It suddenly puts out a long stalk with frarant white blooms with pink stripes, any time of the year.


  1. Lovely photos. Funny how what is easy to grow for you is so challenging and exotic for us.

  2. The blooms are bright, colourful and lovely. The crinum lily blooms are really gorgeous. The ones I see at The Secret Garden have drooping flower heads.

  3. You do have such breathtaking, gorgeous flowers! And such vibrant colors! Your photos are, of course, superb! Hope your week is off to a great start, have a lovely evening and a great tomorrow!!


  4. How lovely! I really like the colours:) Do you have your rainy period at the moment?
    Take care,

  5. More lovely blooms ... I always love seeing your Crinum Lily. It's simply beautiful. I have a Pelargonium just the same colour, and it's been surviving all the unseasonal drizzly rain we've been having during our Winter and Spring ... but I always put them under shelter during the Wet season as they never survive outdoors at that time of year.

  6. My plumbago is also looking lovely at this time of year - but I have never had success with pelargoniums. Maybe if I kept them under cover like Bernie does they might be better.

  7. Mac, welcome to my blog.
    Autumn Belle, I have the drooping flower variety too, but they are at the moment being the dinner of catterpillars.
    Sylvia, thank you.
    LC, welcome and thanks.
    Charlotta, yes, we have our second rainy period now.
    Bernie, thanksfor your tip. I'll put my pelargoniums under a shelter too.
    Africanaussie, yes, I am also doing that. You should also take care to see that there is no water getting collected under the pelargoniums' feet.

  8. I just added blue plumbago to my white one. Now I have both colours, white and blue :-D Yes they are really faithful.

    Love your pelargonium and crinum lily.... they are beautiful!

  9. Your lovely flowers bring a smile to my face as it snows here in Breckenridge! I think I like the plumbago the best, though those vivid pinks are so vibrant.

  10. You have collection of gorgeous flowers!

  11. Wonderful colours and ever so vibrant. My favourite bloom is that crinium.

  12. Wow! All the colours/blooms are beautiful!!