Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today's Flowers

This is the white plumbago, called Chitrak locally. It is a wild flower native to peninsular India and Sri Lanka. Its botanical name is Plumbago zeylanica. The plant is used in Ayurveda to treat high fever and stomach ailments.
The Impatiens prefers shade.

The blue Chinese Bells is a new addition to my garden. I brought it from Kerala.I hope it will do well here.

Poinsettias are bloomingeverywhere now, reminding us that Christmas is approaching.

This Common Asystasia has no season, nor any preference about light or shade. Since it is such an uncomplaining bloomer, I tend to ignore it.
You can see more flowers at


  1. Gorgeous blooms and plants. The colors are all beautiful. And it is great to read about the medical value of some plants.

  2. You post is filled with bright and colourful blooms today. I have never seen a white plumbago here yet.

  3. I like the colour of your impatiens.The Chinese Bells are indeed lovely!

  4. A beautiful series of flowers and I thank you for sharing them with us today.

  5. Such lovely, colorful flowers and, as always, you've captured them beautifully! Hope you have a lovely evening and a great week ahead! Enjoy!


  6. aloha,

    beautiful blooms, i love all the hot colors...hope you can join us for the hot meme this tuesday

    thanks for sharing, noel

  7. Beautiful flowers and alot of fantastic colours.
    I love them all.

    Thanks for sharing

    Gunilla in Sweden

  8. Wonderful photos of beautiful blooms... I'm curious by what name do you call the vine in your header? L

  9. Oh, these tiny flowers are so beautiful and delicate. And I can't imagine having poinsettas blooming in my yard instead of in a pot from Target. Just lovely!

  10. Your impatiens has a wonderful colour. I hope the Chinese bells will do well for you.

  11. I love ypur Asystasia. Delightful to have a plant in the garden that is neither high maintenance nor demanding yet gives one joy every day, like a pet dog.

  12. Eileen, thanks for your comment. We are lucky to live in this region where flowers bloom all round the year.
    Autumn Belle, the whit plumbago is quite common here.
    Kanak, I hope the Chinese bells will do well here.
    Chubskulit, thanks.
    Noel, I am looking forward to it.
    Gunilla, welcome to my garden!
    LC, welcome. The flowering creeper in my header is Thunbergia mysorensis, a native of India. It is also known as Mysore Clock Vine.
    Melissa, poinsettias are blooming everywhere here.
    Stephanie, I thought of you when I bought the plant.
    Arija, now that you mention it, it is like a pet dog- giving joy without wantting much in return.

  13. All are lovely flowers :)
    Thanks for dropping by...

  14. i lover the blue Chinese bells. what a wonderful collection you have.

  15. So, besides excellent memories you brought plants also from Kerala. I wish the best for your Blue Chinese Bells.

  16. Suas flores são coloridas e lindas! A vermelha é conhecida aqui como bico de papagaio!

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