Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My World- Hot, Loud and Proud

The gardener who used to work for me one hour every day has left as he got a more lucrative job as the village priest. It is two months since I am doing all the hard work myself. Fortunately for me, the garden and the weather have been co-operating with me. The Swiss Cheese plant, Monstera deliciosa is putting out enormous new leaves.
Red salvias are attracting bees, while in the distance, the lemon yellow Shrimp plant Pacystachis lutea is blooming like mad.

In the frog pond, there are a couple of water lilies every night , thanks to my friend Helen's advice. I have planted the edible red Hongonne Alternanthera sessilis near it, which I use in my cooking.

The shadier part of my garden has white Peace lilys and pink anthuriums blooming among various shade loving foliage plants.
It is only when I go for my frequent trips that I miss my gardener, as there is no one to water the plants for a couple of days when I am away. So far, the weather has been kind with daily showers when Iwas away.
This is my contribution to My World and to Hot, Loud and Proud. My thanks to the team of My World, and to Noel for hosting these wonderful memes.


  1. Your garden and flowers are so lovely and you obviously are a great gardener! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a beautiful day!


  2. a beautiful garden!
    the gardener left to be a village priest!! shows what sells fast these days!!

  3. Lovely garden and the ability to grow something that we pay a fortune for, and then have to keep indoors, is very cool !

  4. You're doing a good job. Everything looks wonderful.

  5. You have beautiful and big garden! Hope you will get good gardener soon before summer!
    The Swiss Cheese leaf is so huge!

  6. I LOVE your garden! What an amazing collection of plants!Lush and beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful garden and interesting mix of plants and colours!

  8. Sylvia, you always have encouraging words.
    Magiceye, yes there are more lucrative professions than gardeneing.
    Frostbite and Sunburn, welcome to my blog. I am thankful that I live in the tropics where there are flowers all through the year.
    Missy, thank you.
    Malar, I too hope I get a good gardener .
    Kanak, thanks for your nice words.

  9. you've such a beautiful garden, very neat and well-maintained.

  10. aloha,

    what a wonderful tour of your beautiful garden, all the colors are fantastic and i love that monstera

  11. Your garden seems to warm my cold area.
    It is a heartwarming view. . .

    Thank you.

  12. Thanks for the lovely tour of your garden. It looks like you have a green thumb too.

  13. You have a very nice garden with beautiful plants.

  14. Your garden looks lovely lotusleaf - are you thinking about employing a new gardener yet?

  15. nice! do post more pictures of the pond

  16. You do the gardening yourself? A real commendable feat. Lovely garden.

  17. Really great photos. Like what you've done for the frogs.

    Goldenray Yorkies