Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My World- Painted Walls

The walls in Bangalore were constantly covered with ugly grafitti and advertisements. Now the municipality has strted to paint the boundary walls of some ofthe public buildings with scenes from the historical and natural beauty spots of the state. The painting above is a favourite picnic spot by the river Cauvery.
The painting on the left is of the Arabian Sea, and the painting at right is of a historical fort on top of the rugged hill.

Paintings of the ocean seems to calm the minds of the grafitti writers. Now , one does not see walls defaced with ugly messages .
But I long for the clean white walls of my childhood.
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  1. The paintings are certainly preferable to graffiti, but I know what you mean about loving the clean, white walls of my childhood as well! Great post for the day! Enjoy your week!


  2. these murals add so much pride to the community. graffiti only adds pride for the taggers.

  3. yes paintings are better than graffiti, but i am with you, i still prefer a clean white wall. Zen-like space.

  4. Yes, I too love these on the walls of our city. :)

  5. Great murals --but I hate the reason that they are needed (That grafitti stuff happens everywhere in the US as well.) I hope that they serve the purpose of discouraging these vandals.

  6. Sylvia, the grafitti has stopped now.
    Lesley, ye, what you say is true. People feel proud of their land when they see the murals.
    Andrea, a zen like space is something to be cherished.
    Indrani, thanks for your comment.
    J Bar, one can play a game identifying the place painted.
    Sallie, yes , the murals have inhibited the people who deface the walls.
    Dave, maybe it is.

  7. The murals are very beautiful. Graffiti conveys messages, sometimes they are constructive and sometimes destructive. Here, the walls along the freeways were always a target for destructive graffiti. Now the art students have painted all sorts of murals, it looks stunning and it stopped the smear from paint cans.

  8. I can relate to your feelings. But these are better than graffiti, any day.

    Hope you have a good week!