Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Angel's Trumpets

The Angel's Trumpets, Brugmansia have started flowering in my garden. The large flowers have a heady scent in the night.
There is a pure white variety , a purple variety and a golden one. They are originally from tropical South America.

Although it is so beautiful, the whole plant is poisonous.


  1. How I love these flowers! I have tried growing them however the slugs just love them so I gave up. Superb photos Lotus leaf!

  2. Very beautiful, I never can get enough of them, how they dance in the wind and the pink colour is delicious.

  3. The cutting I planted just before the rainy season has caught on. I don't know how long it will be before it reaches the size of your plant and bursts into flowers. But it will not have the terrific backdrop that your plant has! So beautiful!

  4. That is one mischief nature almost always plays; things which are beautiful come with a poisonous side to them. Forget the poison, enjoy the aroma.

  5. Islandgal:Thanks.
    Titania: The name Angel's Trumpet suits the colour and aroma of the plant.
    Shailaja: I think you will have the flowers by April.Mine took less than a year to grow so tall and bear flowers.
    Green Thumb: Yes, nature has a way of protecting the beautiful.

  6. Those are just beautiful. We can only grow them as an annual here and they are very expensive. You must love seeing them that tall and full of flowers there.

  7. I had a Angel's Trumpet...BUT your's is unbelievable.
    Same kind of flower but yours has tons of them.
    Must be a different plant.
    Beautiful !!!

  8. Catherine: The Angel's Trumpet grows very easily here. I saw them being used as a hedge in a village !A hedge full of beautiful white trumpets.
    Patsi, I think it is the weather which makes the difference.