Monday, October 5, 2009

Wild Grass

Last Saturday I went for a walk in the other part of the hill . I wanted to see if the pink grass shown so beautifully by Frances was still there growing wild. Unfortunately, all those areas are built up. But I did find something else- the golden heads of the Fountain Grass swaying in the breeze.
This wild Fountain grass Pennisetum setaceum has golden heads unlike its cousin P.rubrum, which has copper leaves and maroon heads. It is about 5 feet tall. The soil on the hill gets leached during the rains so that only grasses and some drought resistant palms grow wild there.

It was a beautiful experirnce for me seeing the wild grass swaying in the breeze. I wonder how long it will be there , considering the thirst for space in Bangalore.


  1. Good morning Lotus leaf! I use the purple fountain grass as a border along my driveway and there is a shorter variety that I use around a bed in the my field. I have just had them cut back so they are now sprouting. The colour is very intense. I have fallen in love with the pink muhly grass that Frances and Meems have in their garden.

  2. I think you're lucky to see wild grass still growing in the city. Lovely shots as you actually caught them swaying in the breeze. The Muhly grass at Fairegarden must be the most attractive of the species!

  3. Islandgal, the purple fountain grass is very attractive.
    Kanak, I can still see some wild flowers and grasses as our suburb is at the outskirts of the city.

  4. Hi Lotusleaf, as Kanak has pointed, I too think that you are lucky to find wild grasses in the city itself. They look beautiful and they can be useful for urban landscapes too if grown in a controlled manner!