Friday, October 9, 2009

Blue Blooms for Friday

I love blue flowers, maybe because they are comparatively rare in this part of the world. Now that the days are becoming shorter, the blue blooms are starting to come into their own. The flower shown above was given to me by my sister. It is flowering profusely now, and the dark blue blossoms contrast wonderfully with the almost black , glossy leaves. I think it is a crossandra, but a friend said that it is a barleria. What do you think?
This is anothe flower whose name I cannot find. The flowers are small and purple. No scent.

Who can forget the bright Forget-me-not Myosotis? A friend brought me some seeds from England, and it is flowering throughout the year.

The sky blue flowers of the Plumbago auriculata can be found in most of the parks here.

The Bengal Clock vine, Thunburgia grandiflora has large flowers which attract birds.
None of these flowers are scented.


  1. Good one!
    I'm a blue addict. Nevertheless, for some reason the blue and purple remind me of winters setting in soon.I hope to add a whole bunch of blue flowers this winter and set up a corner for them. Thanks, you've just given me a lot of ideas :)

  2. I'm also thinking of adding some blue attract the blue-banded bees!! That does look like a crossandra. The plumbago must be one of the most beautiful blooms ans as for the Bengal clock vine, it's gorgeous!

  3. Lotus leaf I see that you are singing the Friday Blues. The top blue looks like it might be a crossandra to me. The purple one looks like it could be some type of salvia. Nice post!

  4. Urban Green : You may find more blue flowers to grow in your part of the world.
    Kanak:I too like the plumbago very much although it is a common 'public place flower'.
    Islandgal,I think the orange crossndra next to the blue one might be a good contrast- or will it be too garish?

  5. I love blue flowers too, they go with so many colors. The Clock vine is so pretty!

  6. Lovely blues... such a good variety... each having a uniqueness. Blue is so beautiful with all the greens in our gardens. Very Nice!

  7. Hi Lotus
    The blue flowered shrub at the top is Eranthemum nervosum, sometimes called "Tropical Blue Sage"It is a very hardy shrub here and will grow in shade or sun . It is indigenous to India.
    cheers Ian

  8. Carol, thanks for visiting and your comment.
    Ian, thanks for the information.Yes, like you said,some plants are in the shade too. It seems to flower only during winter.

  9. Hi Lotusleaf, we are in love with blue here as well. The second photo looks like a plectranthus that is an annual here cultivar name 'Mona Lisa'. But I am no expert on tropicals, barely know them at all really. :-)

  10. Hi the secund picture its a plectranthus mona lavender oa sp. very clouse .My regards horacio