Thursday, October 1, 2009

Butterflies in September

At last , I could take a picture of a butterfly in my garden! This is a Common Crow Euploea core on the flower. The butterflies in Bangalore seem to be faster than those I saw in the Western Ghats. The lage Blue Mormon visits my garden quite frequently, but I have never been able to photograph it here. It seemed so carefree in the jungle where it was flying slowly. It sat obligingly for a longer time on the bush, so I could get its picture.
The Blue Mormon, Papilio polymnestor in the jungle. The Blue Mormon is a large swallowtail.This is a male.

Another shot of the same beauty.

This Malabar Banded Swallowtail was posing so obligingly for us as we returned from the Cavala caves.


  1. Thank you for the lovely photographs of the hornbill, langur & the butterflies!
    love from

  2. Dear Ajji
    Loved your garden blog. the pictures are really did you get the scientific names of the flowers & butterflies?

  3. Kabir and Siddhu,
    I am glad you liked the wildlife photos from Dandeli.
    Siddhu, I get the scientific names of the flowers from flowers of and the butterfly names from You can also identify the butterflies which come to yr garden using the website.

  4. Oooh, lovely shots of the butterflies, Padma. I've seen the Blue Mormon at my parents' garden but never managed a decent shot! The photo of the Malabar Banded Swallowtail is stunning!! BTW, your garden looks beautiful!

  5. What beautiful butterflies with such interesting names. The Blue Mormon is beautiful.
    You mentioned you weren't on Blotanical, I think people on there would love your blog, you have so many interesting posts. It's free to join if you are interested. Either way, I really like visiting here!

  6. Kanak and Catherine, thanks for your kind words. I too would love to join Blotanical, but I couldn't connect.

  7. The pictures are very beautiful and I can guess the amount of patience that would have gone into getting them so good.
    I love butterflies but am a little challenged when it comes to their names, so this time I'll try to remember all these lovely names of these lovely creatures.

  8. Lovely photos! Did you know that the Common Crow is poisonous (to small creatures)? I found that out when I was researching butterflies for a post. One of those 'dont mess with me!" beauties :)
    We have plenty of Blue Tigers here but I dont think I've seen a Blue Mormon before. Very pretty!

  9. Hi
    Very apt and beautiful posts remembering the Mahatma!

  10. Green thumb: Welcome and thanks for your visit. Yes, it is a difficult at first to remember butterfly names, but you'll get it as you recognise them.
    Sunita: That is an interesting piece of information. Thanks.
    Manisha: Thanks for your comment.