Thursday, October 22, 2009

Curious Flowers

These flowers of the Dutchman's Pipe, Aristolochia ringens look more like a bird than a pipe. They are called 'Parrot Flower' by our local nurserymen.The vine has spread all over my back fence and is sending out its curious brown flowers. The flowers smell faintly of rotting meat, and so attract the special pollinators- the bluebottles.

The Cannon Ball Tree, Couroupita guianensis is, as its name suggests, a native of Guiana. This tree is in our local nursery. The strongly scented flowers have a curious formation of stamens in the centre, which gives the the local name of Snake Lingam Flower. You can see the cannon ball fruit if you click on the picture.

This is the flower of the Bird's Nest Anthurium. The red berries look like drops of blood. An intimidating flower!


  1. Thanks for showcasing such curious flowers. I had never ever heard about any of them! The first one looked more like a snake to me, more so b'coz of its markings and with the smell of rotting meat its what u call 'sone pe suhaaga' in Hindi :-) The third one is equally intimadating as you have said! A great post.

  2. amazing, the first picture looks like a lizard or something

  3. Green Thumb, your phrase hits the nail!
    Barry, yes, the flower looks more like a lizard of a snake than a flower.

  4. Amazing blooms! I've seen the Cannon ball tree..there are just two trees in Guwahati. But the other two are really strange-looking. The last one looks like a caterpillar waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting soul:-)

  5. The aristolochia is the larval food of the polydamus swallowtail butterfly in Florida and the Caribbean. I have an aristolochia grandiflora that has been struggling for many years. It blooms profusely but I know that I wouldn't get any huge blooms unless I move it to a better location. The cannon ball tree flowers have a nice scent. We have a huge tree in our capital Bridgetown and a few more scattered around the island. I have a huge bird's nest anthurium growing in a large pot under my tamarind tree. I am looking for another place for it but it is sooo huge. The leaves are very soft and damage easily. Interesting post!

  6. Kanak, your description is apt and funny.
    Islandgal, I have not seen any butterflies hovering around the Aristolochia flowers. Perhaps the local butterlies don't know them.Thanks for the information.Hope you will find a good spot for your plant.My plant gets only the morning sun.