Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Migration of the Blue Tiger

I was travelling by the City bus the other day when I noticed a swarm of butterflies in the traffic. They were flitting in the polluted air of the City Market, alighting on the windshields and then flitting away.The people in the bus were fascinated by the butterflies. I could not take a picture of them as I did not carry my camera:-( Later I came to know by a newspaper report that these butterflies were on their annual migration.The Dark Blue Butterfly, Tirumala septentrionis migrates every year westwards. Bangalore happens to come on the way of its migration.It overwinters in the forests of the Western Ghats, and migrates back to the eastern coast in summer.
I saw them later in my garden and also in the enclosure of the Forest department near my house.

The Dark Blue Tiger is a somewhat slow butterfly. It is presumed that its slowness is due to the poisonous milkweeds it had consumed as a catterpillar.


  1. How pretty! It's always amazing to see how different yet similar the butterflies from around the world are.

  2. Did you say they are coming my way, to the Western Ghats? I love it! Thanks for the info. I believe, they don't make the return trip, their offspring do.

  3. Catherine:Yes, butterflies are amazing creatures .
    Shailaja: That means next summer younger butterflies will be going eastwards.

  4. That must have been a sight to see from the bus. I try to walk with my camera now just in case anything like this happens (I wish).

  5. Never seen butterflies migrate. That must've been an amazing sight! Good you got some great shots later:)

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