Thursday, October 8, 2009

Other Uses of Coconut

The coconut palm is in every garden in this part of the world. The South Indians use the coconut extensively in their cuisine. Gardeners are familiar with the cocopeat, which is used in stead of sphagnum moss. I have used the coconut shell as a container to grow this Little John Tassel Fern, Hupertzia.
The Donkey's Tail is also ensconced in a coconut shell since five years.
The Staghorn fern is growing in a full coconut which has now burst. I had kept it in the rain recently, and forgot to take it inside into my 'cold room'. The raindrops must have acted like lenses, and my poor staghorn got scorched.

The coconut plant sheds its enormous leaves when they are too old. My helper makes a broom with the spines of the leaves to use in the garden. These brooms are very helpful in sweeping fallen leaves.


  1. Hi Lotusleaf,
    You got an enviable variety! Next time I visit Bangalore, I'll stop by your place and steal a lot of your collection. The ferns are gorgeous and so is the brugmansia. Can this plant be propagated through cuttings?
    Lovely to know you, am following you now.

    *Urban Green runs away with a fern this time*

  2. I like that making use of a tree like the coconut palm. The small baskets look so natural and I think the plants enjoy to grow from a natural source. I also like the brooms, I wonder if one could make it from other palm leaves, I have plenty of those.

  3. Lotusleaf, you have some amazing ferns! The tassel fern reminds me of a peacock's tail.

  4. The first shot of your garden greenery is wow! Nice collection growing out of coconut shells too. These 'jharus' are so useful, and like you say, very good for sweeping up fallen leaves.
    Loved going through your last post too. Pretty colors and great photos.

  5. Hi Urban Green! Welcome. The brug comes easily through cuttings. Call me when you are in Bangalore next.
    Titania: You can make palm leaf brooms too. They are not as strong as the coconut ones, but they do a good job of sweeping fallen leaves.
    Shailaja: the tassel fern is also my favourite.
    Kanak: After the incessant rains of last week, my garden has taken on a jungle like appearance. I am glad you liked it.

  6. Love the full green look of your garden in the first pic, its truly tropical!!The use of coconut shells as hanging baskets is amazing and your plants look quite at home in them.Thanks for sharing.

  7. The coconut tree is referred to as the "tree of life" in many parts of the world. It provides shelter, food, water, oil, growing medium, brooms, carbon for water filters, and many ingredients for the soap and cosmetic industries. We can't live without it. Hurray for the coconut!

  8. Green thumb: That part of my garden is truly tropical, as only tropical plants can grow in the shade there.
    Islandgal: Yes, we also call it the tree of life. In fact, you can't get anyone to chop down a coconut tree . Hurray for the coconut!

  9. Hi Lotusleaf,Glad to have come across ur blog...So excited to c these fern.Have been wanting to add these in my garden.Sadly,still haven't found any vendor.Did u get these in India? Also loved the way u have used coconut shell.Will surely give it a try.Happy gardening...