Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bee Security

The hibiscus blooms in my friend Vasantha's flower filled garden used to be filched by the early morning temple goers. All that has stopped now after the Apis cerana Indica, the Indian honeybees started building their home in the hibiscus bush.
Even the kids no longer play ball on the street .
Besides making honey and pollinating the food crops, bees have other jobs too!


  1. Natural security for sure. Do you get the honey or is it too dangerous?

  2. Yes, Islandgal, we can get honey, but we have to employ certain people who know how to take it out without hurting the queen bee.

  3. I just visited your blog, Its very nice.

  4. Yes bees do a lot of good but I would rather they not be close to me. :)

    Goldenray Yorkies