Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jasmine, the ultimate perfumier

Today there is going to be a solar eclipse in a few minutes. I wanted to watch it , so I did not even go to my usual early morning walk. The TV stations are showing it live from Patna, where the full eclipse can be seen.We can only see a partial eclipse from Bangalore.
These are some of the jasmines I have in my garden. Jasmines prefer full sun, so only the monsoon jasmine is in full bloom now. The pink jasmine blooms throughout the year- even in winter. Both have distinct perfumes. The monsoon jasmine is small, with a heady perfume. The summer jasmines are bigger, and they have the classic jasmine perfume . That is the perfume used in soaps.I have another jasmine , which is called the seven-layered jasmine. It is as big as a small rose. And I have a lemon scented jasmine which is my favourite. It flowers only when it is blazing hot. The scent is more intense after a summer shower.


  1. What! A lemon-scented jasmine? I'd so love to smell it. I love your 'pussy cat' clock, too!

  2. Whooohooo you have some amazing pictures of jasmines I have never seen nor heard of. That star shaped flower at the top I would just love to get my hands on it LOL. Very pretty plants and photos. Do they produce seeds? If they do I will have no shame in asking you to send me some.

  3. Islandgal, I'd gladly send you the seeds, but they don't produce any.
    Shailaja, I'll give you a cutting of the lemon scented jasmine when you come to Bangalore next time.

  4. Can almost smell the jasmines in your pictures. You must visit Gandhi Krishi Vigyan Kendra on Bellary Road. THey have an amazing variety of jasmines. The star jasmin vine looks like a spiral fan and smells simply lovely. Theres also this small jasmin variety which grows in clusters and has this divine scent. They also have a yellow jasmine. I did not know about.