Monday, July 20, 2009

My rock garden

Yesterday, I cleaned my rock garden. My garden is sloping, and the rock garden is at the highest corner, getting the full sun. Usually it is full of flowers and butterflies, but the overcast skies have made the geraniums leggy. The Katie ruellia flowers profusely when it gets more sun. There is also a yellow lantana, a miniature white butterfly bush (buddleja), and daisies, and a bamboo grass.
When I started the rock garden a few years ago, these type of rounded granite rocks were lying around all over the place. Now with all the construction going on , there is no rounded rock to be seen.
One friend who saw it the first time, advised me to throw away all the rocks, and keep potted plants instead.


  1. If there were an ixora or two, and some ferns and other greenery, your rock garden would be a piece straight from the Western Ghats!

  2. That's a great idea,Shailaja. I 'll plant a miniature ixora in one of the crevices.

  3. I think it's really pretty, good thing you didn't listen to your friend :)

  4. Verbena and rock gardens go well together, rock gardens takes time to develop as well as finding the right plants. I had one many years ago but had to dismantle it to make room in the back garden. I still have large cut coral stone rocks scattered around and perhaps I will attempt to try another. Some rice/asparagus fern will do nicely in a rock garden. High maintenance plants are not suited to a rockery so anything that can survive with very little care is ideal. Good thing you didn't take your friend's advice.

  5. Thanks for the tip, Islandgal.I too think verbena would look good.I think it is a good idea for you to start a rock garden again since you already have the rocks and the space.
    Catherine, thanks for the encouragement.