Monday, July 27, 2009

Flower for a queen

The Bird of Paradise was sent to Britain's Kew garden in 1773. The beauty of the flower with its strong resemblance to a bird gave it its common name. It was named Strelitzia reginae in honour of Queen Charlotte,a lover of plants, whose maiden name was Strelitz.
The plant takes up a lot of room, and I can't move it from its position in my garden. I have not been successful in dividing the plant either. So the clump of strelitzia is becoming bigger day by day and obscuring other plants. But the plant puts out dozens of beautiful flowers which are long lasting.


  1. I am in love with this plant! I bought two small plants last year. They are still in pots because am looking for the right place for them. Since they do not like full sun and lots of water am looking very carefully. I have them in my anthurium shade house but I think there is too much shade there. I need to get them in the ground for them to grow faster.