Thursday, August 13, 2009

New flowers in my garden

The white Clerodendron Wallacii is the most beautiful Clerodendron. I have seen it hanging like a white screen in a Hong Kong garden. I got this from my sister's garden in Goa.

The mauve Tecoma has just started flowering. It flowers profusely for many days.
At last a blue flower in my garden! The Amazon Blue is new, and has flowered for the first time.
The red Fragrant Panama Rose, Rondelatia odorata looks like the ixora and the lantana, but prettier. These are the new flowers in my garden.


  1. Oh the amazon Blue & Panama rose are very pretty.The likes of them are not there in the Flower show!Next time you must take these pots to Lalbagh & display them !

  2. So pretty! I'll be looking for the clerodendron too. I'm sure it'll attract a lot of butterflies. All the blooms are wonderful! Great additions!