Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Old Faithfuls

There are some corners in my garden which get habitually neglected. Even watering becomes sporadic there. But these inhospitable places have been colonized by my old faithfuls who give me beautiful blooms in spite of the neglect. The tiny purple flower has brown leaves. I don't know its name, as it came piggy back with another plant I bought from the nursery. I wonder how it produces food, as its leaves are always brown!
The Asystasia produces lots of flowers in all seasons. It can flower in deep shade too. I got it from my sister's garden in Goa.

The old fashioned Milk-and -Wine Lily has pretty pink and white stripes , and produces abundant flowers even when there is a drought. Its bulbs are used for treating rheumatism. Its name in Hindi is Sudarshan, meaning 'good looking'.
I am gateful to these plants for their flowers .


  1. The plant in your first picture is called the Chocolate plant (Pseuderanthemum alatum). Sudarshan -what an apt name for the beautiful lilies! Are the flowers long-lasting?

  2. The Chocolate plant is new to me...the blooms are pretty. I've seen milk-and-wine lilies in my sister's garden although I haven't grown them.

  3. Shailaja: Thanks for the info. Yes, the milk and wine lily is long lasting.
    Kanak: The chocolat plant is easy to grow and is self seeding.