Saturday, August 1, 2009

More wild flowers

Many of the wild flowers in the tropics are yellow. The Mexican poppy, Argemone mexicana has become quite naturalized here . Its spiny leaves warn stray cattle of its toxic nature.
The Black eyed Susan, Thunbergia Alata, is a creeper which twines round wayside tree trunks and hedges.
The Four o'clock flowers colonize empty lots and prove Mendel's theory. There are so many different combinations of colours there.


  1. Cross-pollination is so beautifully evident in the Four O'Clock flowers! Did all the flowers on the plant have this hybrid appearance or was it an assortment of colours?

  2. people have used argemone seed oil to adulterate mustard oil. it causes a peculiar disease called dropsy where the body swells up and you can die if not picked up in time.the last time we had a major epidemic in India was in 1998.

  3. Shailaja:There were many plants, each with a different colour combination.
    Gouri: Its terrible what people stoop to do to make profit. They should be punished severely.

  4. I love the variegation in four o'clocks. The Mexican poppy and the four o'clocks grow like crazy near railway tracks. Beautiful photos!

  5. what is the indian name for the leafy plant posted y'day & is used in cooking? Your pictures are nice & the info you provide is better than the ones found in NBT books on herbs! veejay