Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My papaya tree is tall and thin. It is difficult to bring down the papayas when they are mature, because neither I nor my gardener can climb the tree. Yesterday afternoon, some urchins from the nearby village quietly entered my garden to raid my fruit trees. They did not know I was home, and one little fellow climbed the papaya tree and brought down three fruit. I went out quietly and shouted at them suddenly. In their fright, they left the papayas and guavas they had stolen and ran away.
The papaya contains the enzyme papain which helps to digest proteins. The fruit is rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. It is good for the heart. It can make a good face pack too. It is believed to remove wrinkles. The papaya is a good breakfast fruit.


  1. I know of people who don't eat the papaya because they feel it has an "offensive" smell. I'm not very fond of the fruit either, though not for the same reason. Did you say it removes wrinkles? Pass me the papaya, please!

  2. Perhaps a big dog in your garden would be of benefit. It would be handy if it cold also climb that tree :D

  3. Shailaja: You should take it with a pinch of salt.
    Barry: I am looking for a big, tree climbing dog.

  4. I am not a lover of papaya because of the smell even though I still try to eat it occasionally because of the papain in it. I have a few trees that the birds have planted and are now blooming.

  5. At least they left you some behind. I don't think I've ever had papaya before even though they do sell it in stores here. How lucky to have your own tree.

  6. Katarina, yes it is delicious.
    Islandgal: Howcome you don't make any delicious preserve out of papaya? Or do you?
    Catherine: Papaya and banana grow in all gardens here, besides the coconut.

  7. Here in Australia if a papaya tree gets too high you just cut it off! Place an upturned tin can on the cut area to stop rain entering the trunk. It will send out new branches that you can then harvest easily!

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