Thursday, August 20, 2009

Urban Forest

This is the urban forest near my house ,where I go searching for wild flowers. The pasture you see was earlier a lake, which has dried up. Cows from the neighbouring village are allowed to graze there.
There is a pond on the other side, where many aquatic plants grow. Many water birds visit the pond.

The mud structure is an ant hill, constructed by termites.It is an amazing structure with many stories and tunnels. When the termites abandon it, snakes take over.


  1. A forest in a city! Cool!

  2. Is that a natural forest, or man-made? BTW, I also enjoyed reading your earlier post on the sandalwood tree!

  3. It is a man made forest, which was an island in the lake.

  4. It really is pretty, and I bet you love going there looking for wildflowers.