Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cool Begonias

With the mercury rising to 34C, and no rain in sight, one likes to see cool colours
The begonias are in flower, most of the flowers being in shades of pink.

The blossoms of Begonia 'Dancing Girl' dance when there is even a slight breeze. But the days are still and hot now.

Many begonias have their origin in India. You can come across quite a few varieties of wild begonias if you go to the forests of the Western Ghats. The home of the Rex begonia is the north eastern state of Assam.


  1. Oh, I love begonias! I want that 'Dancing Girl'; will have to search it out. I didn't know they were from India.

  2. I'm a big fan of begonias. The 'Dragon Wing' begonias grow so well in my part of the world that I now have quite a few of them. I've also got some lovely Rex Begonias and lots of Begonia Semperflorens. I rather like your 'Dancing Girl' too ... will keep my eyes open for that one.

  3. Well, that's something really cool to keep you in good humor with mercury touching 34C.
    Here the weather, as of now, is very pleasant but, come July and Bangalore will be a heaven while I roast in North Indian hell.

  4. Floridagirl: The Dancing girl looks very pretty when it is in full bloom during our monsoon season.
    Bernie, my Dragonwing begonias have not flowered this time. I miss their large pink blooms.
    Hi Doc!It has turned slightly cooler today. Hope it will rain in the night.

  5. What pretty ones. I never realized how pretty begonias could be until recently. Here I've mostly seen the small plain ones that are usually planted in groups for landscaping, kind of boring. I'm going to be looking for ones more like these this year. I love how the flowers dangle.

  6. Pretty. Would you have an aerial view of your garden? Maybe from the terrace or something. It must be a like a canvas of colours.

  7. Always planted begonias, love the tall cane begonias, angelwings. The soft pink of your begonias is a favourite. It is also interesting to know that they are native flowers of India.

  8. Catherine: The leaves of the begonias are so pretty and the flowers are a bonus!
    Radha, an aerial view would have mostly green.
    Titania, I too love the soft pink blossoms .Have a great weekend!