Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blooming Friday - Colours of Holi

I am putting up the Blooming Friday post now, one day earlier, as I am leaving on a trip to some historical places for the long weekend . The flower above and below are the flowers of the Rasna, Alpinia galangal, a medicinal herb used extensively in Ayurvedic formulas. The plant puts out its orchid- like flowers during spring.
The flower shown below is bright red . I don't know its name. My camera doesn't do justice to the beauty of the flower.

There is another flower here whose name I don't know, although I have had it since 8 years. My school gardener tells me that it is a yellow Barleria, but I doubt it.

This is the red Chenille Plant from my School garden.

Red and yellow are the colours of Holi, the colourful Spring festival of India.
A happy Holi to all my Indian friends!


  1. I grow the Galangal Ginger as it is so good in Thai cooking.Happy Holiday Have a great weekend

  2. The red flower might be gateria or lawyers tongue. Check the site -
    Very useful

  3. correction - gasteria - not gateria

  4. That Chenille Plant is so interesting...I've never seen it before :)