Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foliage in February

My ZZ Plant has started flowering. You can see the flowers at the base of the plant. I always thought that the Zamia was related to the Cycas, but it turns out that it is really a cousin of the Aglaonema. The ZZ plant is drought resistant as it can hold water in its base.
Aglaonema and Alocasia metallica make good companions. The Alocasia metallica has started sprouting all over my garden now.

The Rex Begonias have beautiful designs and colours.

The Never-never Plant has three colours in its foliage.

The Aluminium Plant glows with a silvery sheen. It needs plenty of water.


  1. I went through all the posts here right upto May 2009. It was like a stroll in a garden. Lovely.

  2. Radha, welcome to my garden and thank you for the wonderful comment. Please come again.

  3. Actually Zamia IS related to Cycas (they are both in the Cycadaceae family). The plant you have is Zamioculcas zamiifolia, part of the Araceae family (which also includes Aglaonemas). The species name, zamiifolia, means foliage that looks like Zamia and that's probably where the confusion sets in.
    I've never seen any blooms on mine so I'm glad you posted the photo. Thanks!