Tuesday, February 2, 2010

High Fliers

The Common Indian Leopard butterfly is not so common in these parts. So when I saw it visiting my French marigolds in the afternoon, I rushed to take its picture. I could not help the shadow of my hand:-(
Another high flying visitor to the marigolds is the Common Jay. He has some green on his wings.

The Grass Yellow is not a high fliers like the others. It seems to prefer yellow flowers.


  1. oh to be in the throws of exstacy under the summer sun or in the spring breeze,such lovely butterflies! we are deep in snow and ice now it is winter.

  2. The Far East now is very cold.
    These colors seem to warm it.

  3. Interesting comment on the yellow butterflies preferring yellow flowers. The same is true here in Florida with the Sulphur butterflies preferring Cassia, Turnera, and other yellow flowers.

  4. Your "leopard" is a winged beauty!

  5. Yay, you have managed to capture 3 lovely butterflies. They are my most difficult job. Seems like they know which colour of flower to fly to to camouflage from predators.

  6. J.J, It is becoming hotter day by day here.
    Thank you, Ruma.
    Grower Jim, like Autumn Belle remarked, they probably prefer those colours for camouflage.
    Shailaja, the leopard was fast like its namesake.
    Autumn Belle, thanks.

  7. Maybe your warmth cold melt my snow? I so long for spring. Have a nice week end!