Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Garden in February 2010

The yellow Heliconium 'Golden Rods' have started to bloom in the front portion of my garden. The Copperpod tree on the roadside has shed its yellow flowers complementing the heliconiums' colour.
The Little John Tassel fern on the guava tree in the tropical garden in the deep shade of the north side of the house hangs like a braid from the guava tree.

Colourful impatiens, pentas , Pachystachis and Spathyphylum are blooming in this portion of the deep shade garden.

The vegetable patch at the back has beans, palak , chikki greens and an eggplant , besides tomato , basil and mint.

This part of the garden gets plenty of sun, making the marigolds happy. Beyond the banana trees are the compost heaps.


  1. oh my jealous heart! and here i am sitting in a
    myre of mud and snow.

  2. It's nice to come here, especially this time of year, for a tropical plant fix. Beautiful!

  3. I loved getting a tour of your garden! It's so pretty, I love the different types of plants you can grow there.

  4. J.J, I have the same feeling when it is spring for you and it is relentless, blazing summer for us!
    Sweet bay, thanks.
    Catherine, I wish it had rained before I took the pictures. Then the garden would have looked greener.

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  6. Lovely garden Lotus leaf! very pretty and it gives me a feeling of coziness. So green and lush compared to my dried out garden.

  7. Hi Padma! Loved the different views of your garden. You have an amazing mix of plants. Beautiful!

  8. Beautiful! The deep shade garden in particular looks marvelous. I wish things would grow that well in the shade here.