Thursday, May 13, 2010

Himalayan flowers

After an extremely 'cool' holiday in the Himalayas, I am spending the rest of my holidays in Mumbai with my daughter and her family. The rambler rose grew wild all over the lower slopes of the Himalayas.
The swift flowing River Beas near Manali.
Rhododendrons which grew on the lower slopes of the Himalayas were mostly red. The wild rhododendron flowers are gathered by the locals to make soothing drink.
Purple irises carpeted the slopes at Shoja.
An ancient fort at Kangra. You can see the snow capped peaks ot the Dauladhar range in the distance.
I could find very few wild flowers in the part of the Himalayas we visited. Perhaps the season was not right. But the beauty of the mountains was breath taking.
I'll be putting up more photos of the Himalayas in the coming posts.


  1. For a farm wife in Kansas, USA, this is a treat to see. Wonderful pics.

  2. Those rhododendrons and irises look very nice. Around here the rhododendrons are just starting to flower... :)

  3. What a nice country side. Himalayan? Oh wow! Love to see more the nature there. Thanks for posting!

  4. Wow! Himalaya is such a beautiful place! looking fwd for more photos!

  5. Hi Prairie! Thanks for visiting my blog.The Himalayas are very grand and beautiful.
    Hello College Gardener! Rhododendrons are flowering everywhere in the Himalayas now.
    Hi Steph! Yes, it was a wonderful experience for me to spend so many days in the Himalayas!
    Hi Malar! Thanks for your comment. The Himalayas are indeed beautiful.

  6. I hope your trip was fun. It's interesting to see the Rhododendron blooming, it looks just like the one in my backyard! :)

  7. Welcome back Lotusleaf! Your photos have a cooling effect on me here in this relentless heat. I can't imagine roses growing wild. I will be waiting to see more photos.