Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Watery Wednesday- Following the Beas

The river Beas originates from a glacier in the upper Himalayas. We followed the river from the higher ranges, right down to the plains of Punjab.
The water is still ice cold in the camping site.

The river loses its force, and flows calmly in the lower foothills. The water is not icy cold, making the place ideal for a bath.


  1. What an incredibly beautiful place! Your photos are stunninging! It does look cold, but definitely my kind of place!! Hope your week is going well. And thank you for your visits to my blog, they are appreciated!


  2. Did you take an invigorating dip Lotusleaf? It is a very beautiful and serene place.

  3. Its a beautiful place. Great river and amazing photographs again.
    Have a great day.

  4. Breathtaking! How I envy you for having such a wonderful time. I had been to Kausani earlier but the view you have, and the river Beas, are awesome.

  5. The place look wonderful. I would love to hear the sound of the water flowing down the stream :-D (not bath he he... I think it would still be cold for me)

  6. wow! this place look so wonderful! So you had chance to take bath in lower foothill?

  7. Sylvia, thank you for stopping by.
    Helen and Malar, the water was too cold for me, who is a creature of the torrid tropics!
    Costas, thanks a lot.
    Hi Doc! I have been to Kausani too, which I found incredibly beautiful.
    Stephanie, it was too cold for me too!

  8. There is several folds Fresh verdure.
    The view is profound...

    Thank you.