Friday, November 26, 2010

Blooming Friday- A Touch of White

White seems to be the predominant colour of the winter flowers. White Pentas look attractive with their dark green leaves.
The Hoya carnosa is twined round the trellis of my back verandah. It perfumes the garden at night. The flowers appear on older branches.

The Snake Jasmine has tiny white flowers with pink markings. Its root is used as an antidote for snake venom.

Crinum lilies have no season- they bloom whenever they feel like it.

White egrets have again come to the village pond.
My thanks to Katarina of Roses and Stuff for her charming meme.


  1. Hiya Lotusleaf,
    Having Hoya grow outside --- what a luxury.
    I had the blooms braided through my hair on our wedding day. The hairdresser's idea, not mine :-). But it lookde nice apparently.
    What plant family is your snake jasmine?
    Lovely white flowers, when all we have is white snow. That's why I coloured mine :-)

  2. Now that you've said it, I have realised that only the white Chinese Balsam of the 3-4 colours that I have is in bloom :)

  3. A charming post as well! Your white blooms are all so gorgeous!The hoya and the snake jasmine aren't common here. Love that you included the herons.

  4. The Hoya is particularly beautiful. The Egrets were a nice interpretation of the theme!
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I too love white flowers in the garden. Nothing beats them.

  6. Thanks to Katharina you found your way to my garden blog (thanks for your comment) and I found yours! In tropical India of all places, very thrilling indeed! I will take a virtual stroll around your garden trying to forget that our outside thermometer indicates -11 C tonight...

  7. Lovely selection of photos as always. Your blog is delightful to read.

  8. Your white flowers are so beautiful, look serene and sometimes a little cheeky like the Crinum!They are all very special and hello to the Aussie Hoya carnosa, this is one of the most beautiful.

  9. Such lovely whites ... I really love touches of white in a garden. The Hoya is stunning ... still waiting on mine to flower as it's still quite young.

  10. Morememes: The Snake Jasmine's botanical name is Rhinacanthus nasutus, and it belongs to the family Acanthaceae.
    Soumya, the other colours will also come out soon.
    Kanak, I wish I could take wild life shots better.
    Birgitta: Welcome and thank you for your comment.
    Easygardener, thanks.
    Missy, yes white flowers are specially welcome in a tropical garden like mine.
    Laila, I have never experienced such low temperatures! Take care.
    Thank you, Ian.
    Titania, good to know that I have one Aussie plant at least! I always wondered whether Hoya was an introduced plant, because it has no local name and is not used in Ayurveda medicine.
    Bernie, Yes , Hoya will take 3 years to start flowering, and then it flowers abundantly.

  11. Very delicate and beautiful blooms LotusLeaf! Even the white Egrets seem dainty . . . there are so many! Lovely!!

  12. What an interesting blog you have, and your other blog too. I find you at Katarinas blog. I´m very interested in medicine plants and i saw you wrote about ayrvedic plants earlier. I´ll come back.
    Lisa /Lisas trädgård Sweden

  13. I've got a Hoya carnosa on my windowsill, but I can imagine how lovely it must be to have it in y our garden...