Friday, December 31, 2010

The Hot, the Loud and the Proud

In the last of the Hot, the Loud and the Proud hosted by Noel, I'd like to show some of the best flowers of the year 2010. These Strelizia blooms are from January 2010, and they are flowering equally profusely now.
The blue Himalayan Sage started flowering in September, and will continue to bloom till March.

The hibiscus bloomed profusely through the year. It went into its slumber in December. Hopefully, it will wake up for the Pongal festival on January 14.

My friend Jenny's orchids were at their best in October.

Happy New Year to all my blogger friends! Wish you a very happy, healthy and fulfilling 2011.


  1. Such breathtaking flowers and particularly to me at this time of year! Thanks for the shower of color for the evening! Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Fulfilling New Year!


  2. Always such a pleasure to stop! You have the most beautiful flowers, many aren't seen in our region. Looking forward to all your posts in the New Year!

    Happy 2011!

  3. Beautiful flowers.
    Happy New Year to You.

  4. hAPPY nEW YEAR...mAY u and ur family get the best blessings of God...Cheers..I would have loved it more seeing the Mysore Clock Vine..

  5. Happy New Year to you - and thank you for this digital bouquet!

  6. Thanks you for your New Year wishes! I hope your New Year is wonderful too. Great shots for the meme once more ... that Hibiscus is simply stunning!

  7. Lovely collection of blooms there!
    I particularly liked the Himalayan sage....

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