Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday- Gardener's Friends and Foes

This is one of the frogs that inhabits my frog pond with his family and friends. He has a loud croaking voice, which he uses in the rainy season. He eats most of the leaf and plant eating insects and is an invaluable friend of the garden. The only drawback is that snakes love to eat frogs. So at least one snake visits my garden during the day, and I don't know about nights. These African snails are now found in all sorts of moist corners in the garden. Although snails are supposed toeat decaying leaves, these are huge gorgers, and eat any plant that they find. I consider them Enemy number 1. Frogs don't eat them, but Coucals love them for breakfast.

These cranes in the village pond eat both the frogs and snails, thereby keeping the balance of Nature.
Peace for all!


  1. Such a fun, different look at your garden! I love it! Hope your week is going well!


  2. We're hearing such a lot of frog song in the evenings here now as our 'wet' season has begun. It can be deafening!

    I'm adding a link to this post in my own Wildlife on Wednesday blog post today ... I hope that's OK! I'm adding a post about a variety of frog seen around my garden as well, and it seemed like perfect timing.

    I think one of us will have to turn this Wildlife on Wednesday theme into a meme and invite others to add wildlife posts as well!

  3. You have got the perfect natural surroundings. It must be fun to be so close to a vibrant ecosystem.

  4. Yes peace to all lotusleaf :-D I guess everyone is created for something ha ha...

  5. a pity to those at the bottom of the food chain.:p
    marvelous shots especially of the cranes.

    and wishing you Peace as well.

  6. I hate snail too! My garden have tiny snails that eat each and every leaves they can find!
    The third photo with cranes looks good!

  7. now that's the circle of life! :)

  8. Thanks Sylvia.
    Bernie,thanks for mentioning my blog in your post. Your post is very informative and interesting.
    Doc, I don't know how long we will have the sylvan surroundings that we are enjoying now. The way Bangalore is growing:(
    Stephanie, You are right.
    Luna Miranda, What you say is true, but those at the top of the food chain get wiped out faster.
    Malar, yes, the snails are a big nuisance.
    Lianne, welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I've found that most critters that are supposed to only eat decaying matter will make exceptions. It usually happens when they overpopulate, so I hope the coucals can keep up! Wonderful ecology photos, thanks for sharing!

  10. The way you put the smallest things into words is so nice....I am not going to miss any updates in future..Took me 2 long hrs to browse all the pages and see all the amazing flowers..Keep posting. i wish to post a couple of pics of my garden too, if u allow...Cheers

  11. Eliza, I hope the coucals can keep up!
    Piratebay, welcome to my blog and thanks for your nice words. Please post pictures of your garden in your blog so we can all enjoy.

  12. Nice cycle of life post. Snails are my garden's enemy no. 1 too. Great shot of the cranes!

  13. please post more pictures of the Mysore Clock Vine..I just love them now..I wish i have them too...Yeah these snails were too there in our garden, when we were in a different town..i used to collect them every morning and dropping them in near by reserved forest...Indeed Enemy No 1

  14. The cranes seem to be ambassador of peace.

    Animal, plant. And human being...
    All harmony.
    India may be the Utopia.

    Thank you.

  15. A steady food chain to keep the earth healthy and alive. And those snails are the similar to those in my previous garden at Putrajaya...

  16. Merry Christmas and thank you for your comment on my blog!!
    I am very pleased to see your picture in your blog header has now the right size:)
    Looks really lovely!!
    Can I borrow some of your cranes to eat our snails before they feast on my flowers and salad?
    Greetings from Canada,

  17. Oh, I hope the little frog manages to elude the snakes! He is beautiful. We have lots of frogs in our pond, too, but we hear them croaking more in the hot summer months. I love the shot of all the cranes in the pond!

  18. Those birds are not cranes.They are openbilled storks(asian openbills).You can identify them by their unique beak shape.Cranes are taxonomically distinct from storks.Sarban

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