Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My World- Public Gardens

This red wall in the Lalbagh Gardens in Bangalore is more than a century old. Beyond is a shrubbery with rare plants.
The tree stump is a favourite place of pigeons. Children clap to make the pigeons fly .
You can see many interesting pictures at http://showyourworld.blogspot.com


  1. What a lovely look at your world! I love the red wall and just imagine the pigeons flying in and around the tree stump! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. I love the red or pink fence. I am partial to that shade.

  3. What a beautiful garden. I enjoyed these shots very much.

  4. love wandering through lalbagh!

  5. Nice thunbergia flower there as well! The place looks like a good place to walk about.

  6. I haven't been there for a long time now.
    Great pics.

  7. looks like a lovely park. i like the flowering vine in the first photo--we also have it here.:p

  8. I'd love to visit this place some day. Beautiful!

  9. Sylvia,thanks for your comment.
    Photo Cache, welcome to my blog. That red looks nice on garden walls.
    Carver, thank you.
    Arati,it is more enjoyable on week days when there are not many people around:)
    Stephanie, this thunbergia is white, and not so common.
    Rajrsh, thank you.
    Indrani, the park is getting ready for the January flower show now.
    Luna Miranda, yes, it is a very nice park. The white flower is Thunbergia grandiflora.
    Kanak, I hope you will visit soon.

  10. I have been to Lalbaug once, but that was way back and on a very hurried college tour. The photographs have kindled the desires to visit the place again, but hopefully, in a cool relaxed way.

  11. The wise old tree stump had a fine platform around it. Those birds know a good place.

  12. Very nice garden. Love the fence.