Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flowers for Divali

With Divali, the festival of lights, just round the corner, autumn flowers are lightening up my garden. The golden blooms of the cassia are cascading from the bush in a corner.
The azure flowers of the Himalyan Sage are also blooming in profusion now, attracting bees and butterflies.
Next to the Himalayan Sage are the tiny white blooms of the Snake Jasmine, trying to imitate snow flakes.
The pink Euphorbia flowers throughout the year, but now it is outdoing itself.
The delicate flowers of the Galangal have just started to bloom now.
My thanks to Santilli, Denise, Pupo and Sandy Carlson for hosting Today's Flowers.
Happy Divali to all my Indian friends!


  1. Your garden is filled with beautiful flowers that I have never seen before. I really like the pretty little Snake Jasmine.

  2. You do have the most exquisite flowers! The colors are just breathtaking, and so are your captures! Thanks for sharing the beauty!! Have a beautiful day!


  3. You must have a very lovely garden with so many beautiful blooms! I'm staying in a highrise apartment, so garden at all.Some neighbours do have potted plants outside their home, but not me.
    Are you celebrating Divali?

  4. Lovely flowers, well captured!
    Hope you have a wonderful time.
    Carletta's Captures

  5. Happy Divali!!
    Your flowers and pictures are beautiful!!

  6. Exotic blooms in your garden! The galangal blooms are so pretty!! The blue of the Himalayan Sage is ravishing!!

  7. your garden must be ablaze with colors. i love the Himalayan Sage--it looks like it glows in the dark.

  8. You have some gorgeous flowers growing at your house! I especially like the pink Euphorbia flowers. Each blossom seems to have just two petals which curve around each other, kind of like the yin and yang symbol.

  9. Pat, I had not noticed it before, the euphorbia flowers do seem to signify the yin and yang symbol.You are very observant!

  10. Lovely, lovely flowers to brighten up the festive mood. Happy Diwali!