Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flowers for today- Gardens of Malwa

The gardens in Indore has native plants like the Mussaenda and...
the purple Porter's weed.
The gardens at Mandu have the romantic ruins as their backdrop. Well maintained lawns and neat borders are maintained by the Archeological Survey of India.
This is the garden of the Jahaj Mahal or Ship Palace in Mandu.
The walled garden of Baz Bahadur's Palace has the geometric pattern of an Islamic garden. It is lined with hibiscus bushes.
Santilli, Denise, Pupo and Sandy Carlson have this wonderful meme where you can see flowers from all over the world. Please click on Today's Flowers.


  1. Lovely flowers with such a beautiful ground .

  2. Gorgeous colors, breathtaking flowers and what a magnificent place! Terrific post and photos as always! Thanks for sharing the beauty!


  3. The Mandu Gardens look like a beautiful spot to wander around. Lovely shot of the Mussaenda bloom.

  4. What beautiful flowers from such a beautiful place! Your third shot is very lovely!

  5. What a backdrop! Breathtaking photos! I love that mussaenda. The white bracts (mussaenda frondosa) are what we usually see around here. That colour is gorgeous! The Jahaj Mahal gardens look really nice.

  6. I wish I could see the Jahaj Mahal gardens myself.
    What a beautiful place.
    "Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together."
    Please visit my Guildwood garden to see my Canadian Explorer rose.
    Thank you for your wonderful pictures!!

  7. The first flower is especially beautiful and so unusual. Only a week until I will start seeing India's gardens for myself. In six months, I hope to explore so many of them! It would be a special pleasure should our paths cross!

    My SSS is at:

  8. I truly enjoyed this tour of these lovely gardens. Such unusual flowers. Never saw anything like them. So glad you shared.

  9. That's a pretty cool garden! Love the tidiness.

  10. Loved all these shots. Happy SSS to you!