Friday, October 22, 2010

Flowers on a Skywatch Friday

The skies have finally turned blue here, and this Indian Blue Sage reflects the colour of the sky.
My Zinnias are flowering profusely now, the rains have benefitted them.

The huge trumpet of the Golden Chalice vine is a pale, cream colour when it opens, but turns a golden yellow the next day.

The sky over the Indian Ocean .
You can see more flowers at Tootsie Time.
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My thanks to Katarina at Roses and Stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. Gorgeous flowers as always, but your skies over the Indian Ocean captured my heart today! So very lovely! Superb! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


  2. Lovely blooms, you have such a beautiful collection of flowering plants. :)

  3. I loved your flower and sky combination.

  4. The Indian blue sage is so pretty! Love the blue shade :-D

  5. Beautiful blue-sky photo ... and the blue of the Indian sage is just gorgeous. My favourite though is the flower of the Golden Chalice vine ... that's a stunner.

  6. Gorgeous flowers and beautiful skies! The indian sage flowers are very pretty.

  7. these are really beautiful! great captures!

  8. The photo of sky over the Indian Ocean is awesome! Beautiful flowers too! Hope you will have nice weekend!

  9. Sylvia, thanks for your comment.
    Indrani,yes, I do have a large collection of plants, both flowering and non- flowering.
    LV, welcome to my blog. Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Stephanie, the blue sage flowers throughout autumn and winter- 6 months!
    Bernie, the Golden Chalice vine is growing and growing. I'll have to do something about it.
    Autumn Belle, thank you.
    Marites, welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by and writing a comment.
    Thank you, Malar.

  10. Lovely blue and light in your blue Sage and I love love the sky photo . . . I want to be there swimming beneath the sky. beautiful blooms and photos! ;>)

  11. The Indian Blue Sage is beautiful!

  12. Oh my, how wonderful pictures and that ocean. I wish I was there.... Here in Sweden we have terribly cold and miserably wheather - nothing for an amateur gardener...
    Have a nice weekend,
    Cesar's Garden

  13. I would love to take some photos of those wonderful centres in the Zinnia's. That indian blue sage is my favourite though today.

  14. Lovely photoes of beautiful flowers. That white hugh trumpet was gorgeous :)

  15. Lovely photos. Have a great day /Gela