Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday

This white peacock was dancing in the rain when I clicked it.
The Grey Heron was waiting...

The cormorantswere also waiting. They wait patiently and suddenly dive and catch a big fish.


  1. wow - I never knew there was such a thing as a white peacock - so beautiful!

  2. That is a breathtaking capture of the white peacock! Made my evening! Such incredible beauty!
    Have a lovely day!


  3. Great photographs of the beautiful birds.

  4. Such a beautiful bird. He put on a great display for you.

  5. Gorgeous Peacock photo, I have never seen a white one. Those herons are a menace to fish our ponds. They are smart birds, whenever I see them I shout for my dogs to chase them. Mr heron get awfully mad and flies off squawking and fussing.

  6. Africanaussie, the peacock is native to India. Usually they are a brilliant blue , but sometimes, the recessive gene takes the upper hand white peacocks appear.
    Thank you, Sylvia.
    Costas, thanks for your comment.
    Missy, yes, he went on and on dancing and preening himself.
    Helen, your account of the heron thieves was amusing:)
    Phil, I learnt recently that the white peacock, which is also native to India, is bred in captivity. There is a theory that their recessive colouration genes have emerged in the safety of captivity.

  7. Wow, a white peacock? It's so pretty!

  8. Never seen a white peacock. so beautiful!

  9. Great photos! But that peacock....! So beautifully captured! I've never seen it!

  10. Wow....never ever i had seen a white peacock...Just amazing