Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today's Flowers -Bills

This Bill, Billbergia pyramydalis is quite happy perched in a branch of the coral jasmine tree.
This is not a Bill, but a Coll! A Colacasia with huge burgundy leaves with a delicate pink spathe.

The Queen's Tears, Billbergia nutans lookslike grass with pink strands.

The actual flowers are blue and yellow striped.

The claw- like inflorescence of the Billbergia Hallelujah look mysterious. Its blotched leaves add to the jungle look.
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  1. It's a treat to watch your tropical flowers! So colourful with interesting shapes.

  2. They are all great but I really love that Billbergia nutans - Wow!

  3. Gorgeous tropical flowers. The Queen's tears is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The Queen's Tears is awesome. It's rare colour combination... yellow, blue and pink. ~bangchik

  5. Thanks for this. We have queen's tears in local gardens, but I couldn't ever figure out its ID. I wouldn't have guessed its a bromeliad.

  6. Just why I love this meme - to see things I've never seen before. :)
    Beautiful blooms and I really like the Queen's Tears! I'd love to have that in my yard.

    Carletta's Captures

  7. Katarina, so nice to hear from you.
    Missy, it looks like some kind of grass for days, and then suddenly bursts into colour.
    Eileen, I have also hung up a handful of them from a tree. They have not flowered yet.
    Bangchik, Yes, the flowers have dark indigo blue stripes.
    Nature ID, thanks for your visit.

  8. Fantastic colors in these flowers. Just gorgeous!

  9. I love those Billbergias! Apparently they used to be much more common as houseplants around here many decades ago but nowadays one hardly ever sees them at the nurseries and garden centers. Maybe one day I will just have to mail-order one...

  10. What glorious flowers - so much variety of form and colour.

  11. These are the most breathtaking photos of billbergias! The B.Hallelujah and the B.Nutans are spectacular!

  12. Your posts always have such very interesting subjects well photographed! L

  13. Bromeliads are great beauties! I kept asking my sister to reposition them every week because they love to store water and mosquitoes might breed there and there are lots of dengue cases around!

  14. Have to agree with some of the other posters, that striped flower is amazing.

  15. I love seeing flowers from a different climate zone to ours. Nice shots.

  16. Chubskulit: THanks.
    Denise: most of the bromeliads have colourful flowers.
    College Gardener, I hope you'll get the plants. The nurseries here don't keep them either. Some of them have been given by friends.
    Kanak, Bill nutans flowers 3 times in a year- an added bonus.
    LC: Thanks for your comment. You are so encouraging.
    Flower Town: Welcome to my garden!
    Lui: Yes, they hold water in which mosquitoes can breed. I have planted lemon grass around them which is a mosquito repellant.
    Digital Flower Pictures: Welcome to my blog.
    Arija, I too love to look at all those beautiful flowers which can't be grown here.

  17. The flowers are really splendid.

    Thank you.

  18. What an amazing flowers - cant´t see them here in Finland !

  19. OMG beautiful! That Billbergia has hurt my head and am now very curious. Can they be grown by seed?

  20. Ruma, thanks.
    Melita, welcome to my garden! Hope you'll visit often.
    Radha, yes, it is pretty.
    Helen, I don't know if it ever has seeds.